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Absinthe was originally a drink of the sophisticated upper class, however, eventually, it spread. By 1860 it had seduced every stratum of society, including the working class. It then had achieved such a success that it became France’s national drink as much by its production as by its consumption. Indeed, at that time, more than 200 distilleries existed, and it was by far the most popular drink in cafés and restaurants!

Absinthe that is obtained through distillation remains the best quality: This procedure creates a product that benefits from all aromatic aspects of the herbs used, as well as bad-tasting bitter essences are excluded. Some distillers prefer to macerate and distill each herb separately.


Abisinthe 72 is a bitter absinthe with a simple taste. It will suit amateurs of absinthes light on the palate. Ideal to refresh yourself.

Abisinthe 72 won a bronze medal a the 2004 Concours International des Eaux de Vie de Fruits in Metz (International Contest of …

The various types of Absinthe offered.

Green Absinthe
Clear Absinthe
Red Absinthe
Vintage Absinthe
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Absinthe taste

There are a lot of different types of absinthe, and you can easily feel overwhelmed by the broad range of choices. However, to be considered an absinthe, all these spirits must fulfill the following criteria:

  • To be refreshing.
  • To remind you of the smell of an Alpine field by revealing a complex, floral and spicy notes.
  • To taste well balanced, and highlight the herbal flavors.
  • To taste bitter, but then again, not too much.
  • To have the flavor of aniseed, yet not overpower other scents.

Which is the best French absinthe?

It’s not easy to answer this question – there is a huge variety of different absinthes from France: Some of them have a very high level of anise, some are more bitter than others, and some have a distinct herbal taste when others don’t. The best way to make your decision is probably by browsing the selections from France, read the descriptions, or to seek advice from other absintheurs in forums on the net. If you have specific questions, email via the contact form, for a quick response.

There are three different ways to make absinthe


  • Through distillation of aromatic plants, which are first macerated in alcohol
  • By mixing herbal essences with alcohol
  • By macerating aromatic plants in alcohol

France is the producer of some of the most authentic, traditional absinthe in the world. And it’s no surprise, as France is where absinthe first became a national obsession. In the 19th century, absinthe was a part of everyday life. For more, shop a wide selection of Absinthe’s from whatscookingrick.com

The demand and consumption increased so much, especially amongst artists, it slowly became a symbol of alcoholism and was persecuted by temperance organizations. Winegrowers, unhappy that they had lost so much custom to absinthe, joined forces with the anti-alcohol campaigners to fight against absinthe, and that is why the government decided to ban the drink and similar spirits in 1914, just after the first world war was declared.

Absinthe in France today:

A few absinthes started reappearing in 1999 after almost a century of Prohibition. Since then, the number of absinthes on the market has not stopped increasing, although the distilleries are much fewer than they used to be.

In the town that we can call the capital city of absinthe, Pontarlier, 2 distilleries are still active: the Francois Guy distillery and the Pernot Klainguer one.

As a comparison: Pontarlier counted 25 distilleries in 1914! The second most popular city for absinthe producers during the Belle Epoque was Fougerolles. A handful of small distilleries there are still making absinthe, including The Paul Devoille distillery, and Lemercier distillery.

My Review of Absinthe Abisinthe 72

I love this absinthe. This is the go to absinthe for parties where you are willing to be generous with your friends. I can’t say I would do the same with the best of the best…It does introduce newcomers to absinthe though. Drink with care. Not for the faint of heart! I was pleasantly surprised with this product in that after being mixed with water It did not have The strong alcohol sting that I expected and went down very easy. Just as pictured! First of all, you get a quick delivery, so order yours today! Get the pictured absinthe Absinthe Abisinthe 72 (Aff), or see all absinthe Absinthe. Really nice, The color before and after the louche is alluring to say the least. It most definitely looks like it is a glowing toxic substance…like there is a light coming from within. I also don’t believe it’s 90% because of how smooth it is. It definitely will be purchased again due to those highlights. Surprisingly, it has some depth to it. If you’re the type who thinks that a great night would be walking down Bourbon Street, on a hot summer night — and you’re a fan of anise — then this is for you. The taste is intriguing. Anise is most prevalent, but there’s a bold wormwood edge with a gang of other semi-bitter herbs backing it up. Highly recommended.


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