Zipp 30 Road Wheelset

Here is the review of the Zipp 30 road wheelset.

Road wheelset equals speed, ride quality, and durability. These are the features we look for when researching and testing clincher road wheelsets. Sure, there is a plethora of choices when it comes to picking a set of new hoops, but narrowing down what’s realistic for your personal needs as a cyclist requires a look into what’ll actually benefit your style of riding.

This was the reason Zipp built its new 30 Clincher Road Wheelset. It’s an everyday, do-anything set of wheels for the demanding cyclist who knows that quality should always go hand-in-hand with a solid value. Zipp used its quarter-century of wheel developing experience to build the new 30s from the ground up.

The new wheels were designed with Zipp’s proven aerodynamic principles, using what Zipp calls a ‘hybrid toroidal’ aluminum rim. This means that it bulges out behind the tire for enhanced aerodynamics. The ‘hybrid’ part essentially means Zipp uses different manufacturing methods than with its 101 clinchers, such as parallel brake tracks rather than sloped ones Like Zipp’s other wider-is-better wheel platforms, the 30mm deep rim profile incorporates a relatively wide 21.5mm rim bed for stability, cornering grip, and overall ride comfort. At the heart of the wheelset is its new hub design, which is 10- and 11-speed compatible.

Zipp 30 Wheelset
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Because the overarching theme of the new wheelset emphasizes reliability, Zipp wanted to engineer a hub that was built to take a beating and keep on spinning as smoothly as the day the wheels arrived from the factory. To create such a hub, Zipp formed the shell from ultra-strong and lightweight 7075 T-6 aluminum. Stainless-steel bearings were then housed within the hubs, ensuring years of silky-smooth riding.

Additionally, Zipp built the hubs with a ‘precision set’ design, meaning no pre-load adjustment is required — simply fasten the quick-release skewers and hit the tarmac. To ensure the road wheelset is able to handle the toughest road surfaces, Zipp laced the 30s with legendary Sapim CX-Ray spokes.

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